Target One Of Montana's Most Powerful Resources: Women!

Montana Woman is a magazine featuring information for, about, and by Montana's finest. The subject matter provides a look into the lives and lifestyles of women throughout the State of Montana who (we believe) are the true essence of pioneering and who dare to experience the adventure of life. Montana Woman is published monthly and is distributed throughout the state of Montana. It is also available through subscription. View our distribution list.
The Magazine highlights Montana-owned and operated businesses that are unique and community minded.  Montana Woman inspires readers across the state by keeping them up-to-date on topical trends with current events, fashion, and points of interest.
Montana Woman Magazine strives to be an active voice in Montana's communities and supports local charities and fund-raising events.  Together we truly can make a difference.
The Montana Woman family strives to provide information for the assistance in success for Montana's women of all ages. 
Our Readership:
65% women ranging between 27 - 50 years of age
25% women over the age of 50
15% are men and women under the age of 27
Additional Demographics:
50% are career women
20% are business owners
20% are homemakers
10% are retired

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