High Heels and Dirt: Liv's Ladies

article & images by Samantha Connor


Spring is a busy time on the farm. It’s also one of my favorite times because of the abundance of new growth. Between all the new babies and plants, it’s full of action-packed fun! I love how my family embraces caring for our animals and our land. What a gift we have been given as a family and as individuals.

It’s amazing watching my kids grow up and seeing them develop their own unique personalities. The farm has provided great stomping grounds for them to play while enjoying new adventures, sights, sounds, and smells. In addition it has provided the opportunity of new perspectives for their growing minds— their imagination is never ending!

Since moving to the farm, chores are even more important. Chores teach responsibility and the importance of being independent thinkers and problem solvers, which will serve my kids well their entire life. I love that it is a great example that hard work can be fun and immensely rewarding. Their squeals of laughter can be heard even when the chores are dirty and hard.

This month, I want to share a cute farm tale about my youngest daughter, Liv. One afternoon we were out doing the normal round of chores which included getting all the animals fed. Liv’s responsibilities include taking care of he chickens: feed, water, and collect the eggs.  I was busy feeding the goats and sheep grain when I heard this little voice chatting away in the chicken coop. She calls the chickens her ladies and my heart was filled with joy as I heard the conversation she was having with them. While collecting the eggs, she took time to tell each chicken, “thank you so much for these eggs.”  


As a parent, I was extremely proud of my daughter. What she was doing was so right— being thankful for something so simple.  It’s important to appreciate the little things. Gratitude is what makes the world go around and a grateful heart is what I want my children to embrace. It was a gentle reminder that at the end of the day I need to be thankful for the little things that life gives me as well. Role models come in all shapes, sizes and age ranges. This day, my young daughter was my role model— what a special feeling as a mother!

The farm has brought us closer as a family while teaching my girls responsibility and the importance of hard work.  I am grateful.