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article by Rachel Hopkins

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©Megan Crawford 2018

©Megan Crawford 2018


“There is no beauty without a little strangeness” –Edgar Allan Poe

Anyone who has been into the shop lately can tell I love decorating for fall. My tastes tend to run into the strange already, so I wait all year for October, which gives me the chance to turn it up a notch in my home! I like to go for an authentic ominous vibe using weird, vintage stuff that can be— with very little imagination— made into the mysterious and eerie. So here are my top four vintage items to use to spook up your home.

  1. Old Black and White Photographs

    In the case of old photographs, the larger the better. Is it just me, or are most of the subjects in these photos really unhappy? I guess that’s why I think they tend to add bit of spook to your home. Display them on your mantel with a touch of fake cobwebbing, or make a garland out of smaller versions— they are always a sure way to make your guest feel like all eyes are on them!

  2. Vintage Medical Tools

    One of my all-time favorite finds is a jar of vintage dental molds. I proudly bring them out every October to add a little weird to my Halloween display. However, old glass syringes, dental tools, x-ray films, and vintage apothecary jars are also a sure way to bring a person’s thoughts to Frankenstein’s laboratory.

  3. Old Dolls and Doll Parts

    I’m not sure when dolls went from being innocent toys that girls played with to the epitome of all things creepy, but somewhere along the way it happened and I embrace it every October. From just piling a bunch of limbs into a jar to using doll heads to create sinister glowing-eyed night lights, I just can’t pass up an opportunity to use these to make a person’s skin crawl.

  4. Vintage candelabras and candles

    Of course, to get the ambiance of creepy just right, you definitely need the drippy wax and the glow of candlelight. These days, my theory is that you can’t have too many brass candlesticks. We also have a new line of vintage inspired candles guaranteed to make the hair on the back of your neck stand up!

So as the days get cooler and your thoughts drift toward adding a little spook to your home, be sure to come down to the shop for a little creepy inspiration! 

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©Megan Crawford 2018

©Megan Crawford 2018

©Megan Crawford 2018

©Megan Crawford 2018