The Wright Way: Variety in Design

article by Alana Wright


Variety brings diversity and inspiration to design. It ranges from subtle differences to bold contrast. 

Variation within styles, colors, textures, light etc. should be balanced with unity to create harmony in the space because an excessive amount of variety without some unity can be over stimulating and confusing. 

At Wright’s Furniture in Whitefish, we provide endless variety, carrying product lines from hundreds of manufacturers both local and from around the world. We want to take this opportunity to share a popular design trend all about diversity. Some of our favorite manufactures for this particular design style are Classic Home, DV KAP Home and Jonathan Louis.

Quirky and eclectic bohemian inspiration is a design trend with a focus on variety. Also referred to as Boho Chic, this design represents those who live unconventional (usually artistic) lives and is known to be for people who think outside the box. This random and busy style is successfully created by mixing and matching colors, textures and design elements in a refined manner. 

When decorating with this style, you don’t have to follow traditional design rules, which is what people love about it. Make it your style. 


Here are some ideas to help achieve a boho-chic inspired interior space

  • Keep a strong focus on creating a spontaneous and happy mood through a mix of textiles, textures and colors combinations that are diverse yet complimenting

  • Incorporate the world around you into your interior space by using global/travel themed accessories and outdoor elements 

  • Create the impression that the space is made from a collection that was put together over time rather than a space that was planned perfectly all at once

  • Incorporate colors, which ever inspire you or use earthy tones: charcoal, sage, reds, amber, navy etc. 

  • Place natural timbers next to clean white surfaces

  • Incorporate woven fabrics & textiles, both solids and patterns

  • Hang lots of artwork, wall accessories, photo frames etc.

  • Accessorize with lots of greenery and plants 

  • Layer pillows, throws, rugs etc. 

  • Add cozy components

  • Highlight with metallic accents

  • Use up-cycled elements