montana woman magazine has been in publication since 1994 & is a resource for women throughout the state of montana.

Montana Woman is a platform. It’s built by women, for women. It’s a place to celebrate our achievements, a place to support each other, a place to acknowledge the resilience of the women of this state. It doesn’t necessarily matter where you’re from, you’re here now. In all of your loudness, your boldness, your fearlessness— you are here. We’re here, together.

We publish a statewide magazine every month that features women across Montana— the movers and shakers, the go-getters, the rule-breakers, the risk-takers. We all have a story to tell.

Montana is full of intelligent, strong women who are making a difference in our beautiful state. If you or someone you know represents a true Montana Woman, please feel free to contact the editor at:

note: Montana Woman Magazine is not affiliated with Montana Woman Foundation.


about the team


megan crawford: owner, editor, & graphic designer

Megan received a Bachelor of Arts in Film & Photography from Montana State University in 2017. Prior to taking over, Megan worked with the magazine as a contributing photographer for a year and a half, and at The Shops at Station 8 in Columbia Falls as a creative director. She also teaches 19th century photographic printmaking workshops at Photographer’s Formulary in Condon, Montana, and works in her own darkroom at home.

She’s the magazine’s management and creative department all rolled into one. From the website to layout to articles to social media, she’s there.


brie: office manager

Brie may not be necessarily qualified for this position, but she likes the office so here we are. Her areas of strength include receiving belly rubs, attempting to eat the plants, and placing herself front and center on the desk. She may sleep for most of the work day, but she’s got the gumption to go for it. We admire her for that.



kelsey weyerbacher

Kelsey Weyerbacher is a writer, fabric artist, and mental health advocate living in Belgrade, Montana. After graduating from Montana State University with a Masters in English focusing in Disability Studies, she stays at home with her son, Connor, while freelance editing and advocating for mental health services in Montana. Her work can be viewed at her website:


stephanie evans

Stephanie Evans is a lover of nature, ceremony, movement and adventure. She is the mother of four magical spirits, Writer, Ceremony Officiant, Yoga Instructor and Retreat Leader. She was born in Montana with the spirit of a fairy, the mouth of a sailor and the heart of a hippie. She learned early in childhood that Mother Nature and expression with movement and words were three vital ingredients to a beautiful life. The ability to release tensions, aggressions, anxiety and fear while in nature is a tonic. She would like to share with all who walk into her path how to open their senses to all the magic that surrounds us in this beautiful state and to extend it into their life. Body, mind and spirit.

Photograph by Lindsey Jane


sarah harding

Sarah Harding grew up in North County San Diego. She spent her childhood surfing and loving the ocean. She and her husband, John, moved to Montana when they were 22 and spent the second half of their lives farming and raising a family. Now they’re Coconut at Sea Soap Co.; a family business determined to reduce the amount of plastic in our world.

“I overheard a man on a show recently, proud of his many lives and varied interests. And I think: isn’t that interesting. I see my many lives and varied interests as a flaw. I should be more: Focused. Steady. Committed. Sure of my purpose in life.

But I’m not! In my life, I’ve shined my light of enthusiasm on being a surfer, lifeguard, yoga teacher, barista, farmer, parent, educator, crafter, and visual merchandiser. And now I peddle soap and shampoo bars. I’m an accidental activist and reluctant homeschooler. I rearrange my life the way some people rearrange their living room furniture!”

Sarah is a steadfast fan of her husband and two children, who are her absolute first priority. She believes in kindness, resourcefulness, and playful creativity.

Sarah and her family live on their tiny homemade farm in Whitefish. For more information on her soap and shampoo bars, visit her website at


Paige Billings

Not one day has gone by that Paige Billings has not believed that cake can solve most problems. After being told she was allergic to gluten, Paige realized she had to modify her cake recipes. Committed to making her cakes just as delicious as before, Paige has combined her passion for baking, design, and photography into her career as a freelance food photographer, freelance copy and photography editor, and recipe developer. Her delicious and beautiful recipes that can be found on her blog, instagram, and in the secret pages of her ongoing cookbook. Though Paige has lived in many places, from the Bay Area of California, where she grew up, to Montana, where she graduated from Montana State University, she now works out of her Montana home with the help of her eager taste testers, husband, Drew and dog, Moose.


barbara fraser

I am a middle-aged woman who has been through enough of life to have gained wisdom along the way, who thinks that enjoying my life is much more important than it ever used to be, and have finally come to a place where I understand what I am supposed to do besides be in love with my husband, love and raise amazing adults, redecorate my home a hundred times; and I would like to acquire the fine art of throwing a smashing dinner party. I am learning what loving myself really means, have decided that chocolate is really one of the most important things of the day, and treasure the friendships that will last my lifetime and still have room for more. I have had enough of the most difficult days one will ever experience to truly treasure the one's I have left, think that having a library and a garden are one of the most delightful things to acquire, and someday will again have a dog. I think that every human on the planet is a miracle without exception, that there is nothing better than the sunrise, unless it is gazing at the stars surrounding the moon, and that I am full of contradictions and quite like myself that way. I will never try to fit in ever again, and really miss my husband holding my hand.


Nicole Dunn

By day, Nicole Dunn aspires and practices to be a kind, engaged, and skillful human amid her varied endeavors of writing, blogging, helping to direct the Open Way Mindfulness Center, volunteering for hospice, and working as a part-time nanny, among other things. By night, she’s asleep.

Given that Dunn is interested in pushing back against the system that says that female folk shouldn’t talk about their age and weight, she’s spitting distance from turning 40 and weighs either 137 or 139 pounds, depending on the time of day.

And the two all-time, super-star, best-ever decisions she’s made in her life were: moving to Montana at the age of 19 from the suburbs of Philly and marrying her husband Mike at the age of 20.

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alana wright

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