I am a Montana Woman ⁄ sticker

I am a Montana Woman ⁄ sticker


We’ve been here. The women of this great state— the rule-breakers, risk-takers, homemakers, go-getters— we aren’t anything new, and we aren’t going anywhere.

This sticker features 8 women from Montana’s history: women who stood their ground, defied the odds, and didn’t let anyone get in their way. They, among many others, paved the way for women today, just as we’ll do for the next generations to come.

3” sticker designed by yours truly, the owner ⁄ editor (Megan).

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Featured women (clockwise from top):

Jeanette Rankin (1880-1973). The first woman in federal office in the US.

Elouise Pepion Cobell (1945-2011). A tribal elder and activist who successfully won a 15-year battle with the federal government. The win resulted in $3.4 billion in compensation for mismanagement of Indian trust funds since the late 1800s.

Sarah Bickford (1852-1931). The first woman in Montana to own a utility.

Evelyn Cameron (1868-1928). A photographer who documented her life and other homesteads in Terry, Montana.

Brown Weasel Woman/Running Eagle (c.1850). A Blackfeet warrior— she was given the name Running Eagle for her success in battle.

Alice Greenough (1902-1995). An international rodeo performer who got her roots in Red Lodge, Montana.

Pretty Shield (1856-1944). A Crow medicine woman. After the death of her husband, she raised their seven children and nine grandchildren on her own.

Mary Fields (1832-1914). The first African-American female mail carrier in the United States. She was hired at 60 and ran the route for central Montana on her own for 10 years.